DSP Tools

DSP works to provide technical support to practitioners and policy makers on durable solutions. DSP has developed a Durable Solutions Programming Briefing Note to provide implementers with a better understanding of how durable solutions can be integrated into interventions and programs.

DSP is currently developing a toolkit for integrating durable solutions into interventions and programs, and tailoring it as needed to specific contexts. The toolkit will provide outline key concepts related to durable solutions programming, different levels that implementers can work on durable solutions, and practical tools including checklists for mainstreaming durable solutions into the program cycle, assessments and data collection, and how to measure durable solutions in your programming.

This briefing note defines durable solutions programming and outlines its principles and enabling factors. An overview of the different types of interventions and approaches that constitute durable solutions programming is also provided. The key message is that action can be taken to support durable solutions in all contexts, even where the durable solutions themselves remain a distant prospect. Durable solutions programming must also always be local relevant and context-specific. The ideas and approaches outlined in this briefing note will be expanded further in a toolkit being
developed by DSP.