Cookies Policy

On our website, "cookies" are used, e.g. for web-statistical purposes, to see how many people visit our website, and how they use the website.

A cookie is a small text file that is sent from our server to your browser, and is stored on your computer's hard disk or your mobile device. Cookies enable you to use the website more effectively and easily. We do not process information concerning user behaviour that is collected via cookies in any way that may link user behaviour with specific persons.

You can set your browser to inform you when you receive a cookie, so that you can always decide whether you wish to accept it. You can also turn off the function completely in your browser . If you do this, the website will not function optimally, however. Cookies do not contain Personal Data such as details of your e-mail address or other Personal Data than as specified in this Policy. Click the Cookie icon near the bottom left corner of the screen to view the complete cookie declaration and modify your cookie settings.