About DSP

The DSP was established by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in 2016 to improve policy and programming approaches in support of durable solutions for displacement-affected communities from Syria. From 2022, DSP is focused both on displacement in and from Syria and other displacement-affected populations in the Middle East including refugees, IDPs, returnees and host communities.

With a secretariat based on the regional level in Amman, Jordan and working across six countries (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen), DSP seeks to support a collective agenda on durable solutions.

DSP is not an implementing agency, but rather focuses on convening actors that are active in the solutions space and that do not usually engage with each other despite their doing complementary work. This varies from humanitarian, peacebuilding, and development NGOs that are either locally-led or international, including hybrid durable solutions working groups and NGO fora, to international financial institutions, governments, UN agencies, private sector and research institutes.

Overall Vision and Mission

DSP’s vision is that durable solutions for displacement affected communities are achieved through sustained commitment and collective efforts from all stakeholders in the Middle East.

Our mission is that DSP is the go-to actor on durable solutions in the region informing both policy and programming approaches for our members and partners including broader civil society, humanitarian and development partners and host and donor governments.


Goals and Pillars

DSP’s goal is that conditions for displacement affected communities in the Middle East to live safe, dignified, and productive lives are enabled through a collective understanding and improved durable solutions policies, capacities and programming. DSP works to achieve this goal through three pillars:

 Applied Research

To ensure that research and analysis informs durable solutions policy and programming

 Policy Engagement

To facilitate and support evidenced-based policy engagement for durable solutions

 Capacity Development

To support collective learning and strengthened capacities on durable solutions approaches and programming


DSP’s Core Values


Inclusive: DSP is an inclusive platform that engages with and supports all stakeholders in the search for durable solutions.

Collaborative: DSP both collaborates with its members and broader strategic external partners in its processes to support a collective agenda and engagement to create an enabling environment for durable solutions.

Locally led: DSP promotes and holds itself accountable to support locally-led approaches. This includes working with and supporting locally-led civil society and other organizations (CSOs) and supporting local ownership.

Adaptive: DSP is flexible and responsive to adapt to changing contexts and imbed learning approaches to support ongoing adaptation.